How To Register Shala Darpan Staff Window

Shala Darpan Staff Window Register very easy we complete Guide you. Basically a different needs and for easy to use offers you Different categories like Shala Darpan Staff window login & Registered and the Other categories Staff Corner Login & Registered and the 3rd One is  Portal School login registered etc. These three are All the Categories And the Main Website in which you can easily login All your Account is a login School or Rajasthan.

What is Shala Darpan Staff Window

Staff Window All About Staff Corner. like you can read All the latest News About All Staff. And Also know school NIc-SD ID All Information About staff And With Complete detail. The main features in  Staff Corner you can easily transfer Schedules when you want. other details like any hep online services and Change your Basic profile. so, first of All, we know how to register 

How to register On Shala Darpan Staff Window

First of All, Go to Google And Type The Home Page will be open of staff corners in this Home page very important setting appear on this page.

In the Main Manue Setting

  • Know School NIC-SD ID
  • Know Staff Detail
  • Register for Staff login
  • Transfer Schedules
  • help Disk
  • User Manual

Click Register for Staff login in the 3rd line In Menu. the Important talk is that the Staff Window register only one time. And the Next time you just log in your Account. No need more again and again register.

Staff Employes

  • Staff employ Id Is Your personal ID That shala Garpan gives you. while creating your Account.


Staff Name as per Shaladarpan Record

  • Enter the Same Username that is Your  username. while you create a Account it’s your some of Number or Any digits small or capital or Mixed. for Example

Date of Birth

  • write here your date of Birth That you gave when creating your account.

Mobile Number Given On Shala Darpan Portal

  • Because we told you beforehand that you have to give complete information like you did when creating a account. After the type of mobile Number, Send you A Staff Window User name And Password. then later the same username and password you can easily login.

Then Enter An Captcha

  • Captcha is Any Number or Any Digit or Any Sign. It’s for Conformation that I am A Human And Not A Robot.

After that, you will be easily registered and the first thing you need to do is change your personal information, which of course you have to change something in the profile then your account is completely Will become.

How to verify your Shala Darpan Staff Account

After you have done all of this then there are two ways to verify your account that you have created.

  • Basic Profile
  • Detailed Profile

Basic Profile

First of All Above Select Staff Corner then Down Press Profile option and again press the Basic profile option. The main page will become like your All basic biodata like Date of Birth, employ code, SD-NIC ID, Gender Mobile Number, and Email And All Other your Educational careers like position and etc.

Now here is your Complete Basic profile will become. If anything misses or error or Incorrect information you can also edit here and also edit on Shala Darpan Account. If Everything is ok Like your All information is Correct to mean its ok.

After carefully check You’re All bio-data Scroll Download And Finally press confirm button. It’s mean that you have now a little message will become after refresh your Basic profile Successfully verified.


Detailed Profile

When your basic profile is fully checked and the next profile is after the next. it is the Detailed profile that contains information such as a Shala Darpan account and Your Education Post And Careers. All detailed will become. After that, your account will be fully verified by the Staff window account successfully verified.

Now your Shala Darpoan Styaff window Account Successfully verified And register. After that, you can easily when you want you can easily login to your account and check your All shala Darpan staff window status.


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