Shala Darpan Online Attendance New Methds

Shala Darpan Online Attendance is now Active if you are a Teacher or A Students You will now be able to attend the online.if you want to know this easy and Simple method carefully red All Article. In this article, we discuss two Mrhod here the first method is that PO Vidalia Methods And the 2nd method is that UPS and Other Vidalia.

If you are on vacation or leave then how to  And Also we discuss briefly if you Deportation on another place so here we go lets knowing 

Step By Step Shala Darpan Online Attendance

Now with the help of  you can apply  The procedure is very easy. We are going to tell you. Now you can apply your Attendance in two ways. The first way is to go to school. I teach that there is a register on top of which you have to attend every day.

While the other way is to attend online in which ensures your attendance to the top officers. Direct them to your attendance and they can easily see all your attendance.

For Go to the  Officials website the homepage of will come in front of you have are many options select here to login Button.


login page for attendance


  • After that, the login page will appear and Here I first type your User ID Next Type here your Password then Carefully Fill the Captcha form that given below.


homepage shala darpan login


  • After that, the next page will become here in Many more options like Dashboard, School, Staff, Students, Schemes, Download, Results,5th and 8th exam and Miscellaneous. Because You want to apply for then select here Staff option.


online attendance process



  • Below here are many other portals like Form Approval, Staff joining, Class teacher mapping, Staff Attendance And Leave Approvals, and etc. Because we here for so Click here on Staff Attendance.



staff attendance form

  • Note: This method is PO login Method in which there is many another school that will appear. If you log in this way, many schools will come up to you to find out what your school is like when they find you.
  • Note: If you login your personal Scool ID then only One of your school well appears. So this method is going to be very beneficial for you. So you don’t have to find your own school again and again .just login from your own school ID and it will be good for you.



status for attendance



  • Here is first of All your School Name will be show and next to your School ID Then Next Your Attendance Status. if you have not Attendance yet. Then the Staus will be Cross Sign Show. When you Complete your will be complete successfully the Status Sign will be converted Tick or yes sign. Then click on the school that links below given here.


confirmation detail



  • here is your All teachers Record Like Subjects your Status And Your Mobile numbers and Then Fiunelly Your record. If you are present select here the present option. And If you are Absent select here absent options and etc.Then Click on Mark attendance options.





  • You will then receive a message that if you have entered all this information correctly. you can click on the OK button. if something is wrong then Click back button and something change if you want anything or edit.


mark your attendance



  • After that your  will be completed You will see a tick right in front of it that you will know that my online attendance is now complete.


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