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Integrated Shala Darpan Rajasthan is a New portal that Shala Darpan starts for your requirements. Integrated Shala Darpan Is the Most Important portal to modify your Account And Check All Status if you are students or this article we also discuss Integrated Shala Darpan office login and also how to use it and etc. if you are a member of shala Darpan or not a Member if you want to join Integrated shala Darpan Rajasthan Internship program.

if you are students or teachers in B.ED or Mphill teacher or any High-level class students. it’s very easy to join the Shala Darpan Internship program without Ant Cost or Ant need to first get free Internships in Shala Darpan Rajasthan School. You need to first get Integrated Shala Darpan Allotment Letter.

Integrated Shala Darpan Staff  login

Integrated Shala Darpan Staff login Provide a lot of information about yourself. If you are a teacher or Any post in Shala Darpan you Can Make your ID integrated Shala Darpan official website Make your ID. And whenever you want to shala Darpan Office login its depends on you.we provide you a lot Of Information previous Post and Then Now Briefly discuss All Integrated Shala Darpan Portal Make Account And Login etc. This paragraph, we Now Discuss How to login to your Shala Darpan Account.

Step By Step Login Integrated Shala Darpan Account

Go To the Google Ant type here is first appear the Home page of Shala Darpan Integrated Portal Scroll Down here you will see. Staff Corner in 2nd Line. And in which Alos Other Manu like Citizen Corner, Staff Corner, Raj-EGyain portal and etc.


staff corner


In this portal, you will get Extra Support through Shala Darpan. You Can easily Customize your Shala Darpan Staff profile. And After One Time Manually Registered you can easily check your profile Again And Again In One One Username ID And Its Password.

Important Note: this Page Staff Corner Is Only Of Shala Darpan staff and Its teacher etc, Students cannot log in and Use it.


registerd form


How to Know your Staff employee ID On Shala Darpan

Then After Clicking Staff Corner, A new page will appear here Five Main 5 option

  • Know School NIC-SD-ID For Knowing your Shala Darpan staff NIC-SD-ID click here. the Next page will be opened automatically. here you first select your District and Then select your Block for Knowing NIC-SD-ID. then click on Go Button. This block will have any number of schools they will Come. Now you can easily view your new School NIC-SD-ID  from here


  • Know Staff Detail for checking Your School or Any School Staff Detail Click on Staff detail here pasted the Same Above School NIC-SD-ID if you want to know about Any school then Click Go Button. here The school’s full information will come out like Staff Detail And Etc. In last here are many names will appear If any of your names are present, your Staff NIC-SD-ID will also be written in front of them


  • Register for staff login Now Click on Above Login Button And MAke ID Then Shala Darpan Give you Automatically use ID and Its Password. But first, you need to make first time Staff use ID
  • Transfer Schedule
  • Help Desk

staff login


After Click on the Login page Of Shala Darpan. Now here type  Staff user ID and Its Password. for Knowing Id And its Password you Need to first time Registered to follow these All instructions.


one time registerd staff


First-time Registration for staff login

you need to fill here your some detail like

  • Staff Employees ID  that we above Know from Know Above Staff detail & School NIC-SD-ID
  • Staff Name as per Shala Darpan Record
  • Staff date of the Birth type here means your date of Birth
  • Mobile No Given On the Shaladarpan Portal
  • Enter captcha

Then finally you will receive Automatically User ID And Its Password On Your Give Mobile Number. it’s very easy Now you Can log in to your Staff ID and Enjoy.


staff login page


Now that your account has been created, write down your User ID and Password and fill in the Captcha. If you have any further questions regarding shale Darpan. You must comment to us and we will reply to you. Thanks


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